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August 2021
KICK OFF MEETING, Trnava, Slovakia

The aim is to divide the assignments between the project partners, specify the programmes for the mobility activities, specify the details of a tool, talk more in depth about the possible partners, specify the fulfilment of key priorities. Its aim is to discuss visibility materials such as website, logo and plan the further steps.

2 pax/representatives of each partner organisation

September - November 2021
RESEARCH, Each country

Collecting national insights
and examples, researches of partners on ecological sustainability in sport. Each partner will search for specific examples of eco-friendly management of goods and habits in different sport disciplines.

December 2021
TRAINING SEMINAR, Istanbul, Turkey

The training seminar will focus on development of knowledge and skills of participants in developing the key elements of ecological sustainability in sport activities on international level.

4 participants from each partner organisations - coaches, managers, NGO workers aged 25+ who are motivated and interested to upgrade sustainable sport activities and have impact over the sustainable development in their local communities but also international level.

DAY 1 ARRIVALS and getting to know each other
DAY 2 Exchanges of practises and researches, study visits
DAY 3 Working with professionals setting up new sustainable approaches in sport
DAY 4 Creating of educational workshops for youngsters to be organized on local level
DAY 5 Departure

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January - March 2022

The concept of local workshops will be prepared by participants of the training seminar in a last day. The aim of these workshops is to deliver new acquired knowledge and skills to youngsters who can further implement sustainable ideas. This workshop will be a one-day workshop in each country where at least 20 youngsters who participate in sport activities or are interested in sport will participate.

March 2022
MID TERM MEETING, Czech Republic

To assess the fulfilment of the goals set during the first part of the project and planning of the last part. The meeting will also include the preparation of the working plan for the remaining learning, handbook development
as well as the dissemination conferences and a closing event. There will be 10 participants – 2 from each partner organization.

April - June 2022

The handbook will be prepared in english and each country's responsibility will to translate it into national language in order to use it for own needs, dissemination and sustainability purposes.

June - September 2022

Each country will organize a large scale conference in order to disseminate the outcomes of the projects. Stakeholders - representatives from the 3rd sector as well as from the government agencies, schools, business representatives will be invited to take part in the conference.

At least 30 pax per country will
take a part. 

October 2022

The meeting will be concerned with the final evaluation of the project results and outcomes (fulfilment of the set aims and objectives), exchange of experiences based on local activities and work of the last months, exchange of the best practices about ecological strategies for sustainability in sport. From each partner organization, it is needed the participation of:

- each partner organization project manager, because of the nature and contents of the meeting, directly related with the project implementation, inner evaluation, dissemination and follow-up
- each partner organization staff member designed
by the project manager, in order to contribute to
the final evaluation and sustainability of the project
beyond December 2022

2 pax from each partner will participate.